Community Wellbeing Services

Our health and wellbeing services empower individuals and the community to live their best and healthiest lives.

Here you will find information on the following:

Your mental health plays a vital role in helping you manage the many stresses life can throw at you. Being in a state of mental wellbeing enables you to play an active part in the community, realise your potential and learn and work in a way that can bring satisfaction and even joy. It's important to understand we can't achieve mental wellbeing all of the time, so when you need support, we're here to help.

Staying active is essential to maintaining health and wellbeing at any age, and we understand that your needs can be just as diverse as you are. Whether you prefer staying active on your own or in a group, we’re here to help you find the connections, groups and activities to suit your specific needs.

Feeling connected in your community can bring a sense of belonging and purpose. Dhelkaya Health can connect you with like-minded people in the community through meaningful and enjoyable planned activities and various support groups. These activities can help you improve or maintain your physical aptitudes, facilitate social connection with others, and help increase your participation in the community

If you've recently been injured or are recovering from a serious illness, you may need additional help to return to feeling 100%. We offer a variety of rehabilitation services as well as assistance if you are living with a chronic health condition. With the proper support and education, you can still live your best life.

As a member of the Loddon Campaspe Homelessness Alliance, a regional network of Specialist Homelessness Services, we can assist you with a number of housing services. This free service is available for anyone located within the Mount Alexander Shire. We also welcome referrals from professionals working with clients who may benefit from the service.

Dhelkaya Health offers specialist services for babies and children under school age with developmental delays or disabilities. The multidisciplinary approach combines the skills of specialists in the fields of speech pathology, physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy, dietetics, continence service and paediatrician, specifically suitable for young people. We also offer youth services and follow the 'no wrong door' approach, which means if you're a young person who needs help, you will never be turned away without first receiving support or information that will help you access the right kind of support.

Our Care At Home services focus on extending your specialised medical care beyond your hospital stay directly to your doorstep. Whether you or your loved one requires post-acute care following a hospital discharge or specialised nursing assistance within your community, we are committed to delivering personalised, high-quality care that prioritises your well-being and promotes a seamless path to recovery.

We are specialists in delivering Allied Health Services to meet your health and well-being goals. We provide individual treatment and specialised group programs in a range of fields. Our Allied Health Specialists also work in multi-disciplinary teams to ensure you get the right skills and knowledge to support your health and recovery.

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