Research Facilities

Research Facilities at Dhelkaya Health

We welcome students and members of the public to access the historical information we hold in our records.

Patient information from 1856 until 1940 is recorded in patient registers. 

Registers for Castlemaine Hospital and Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum before 1922 have been indexed and stored on CD by the Castlemaine Historical Society. Contact the Castlemaine Historical Society directly if you’d like to apply for access to their records.

Patient information after 1922 is held at Dhelkaya Health’s Castlemaine campus. Registers with patient admissions for Castlemaine Hospital and the Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum/Home can include all or some of the following information: Name, age, address, admission and discharge dates, condition treated and Doctor.

A minimum search fee of $40 is payable on application.

Extended or detailed research projects may incur additional costs, which will be communicated to you prior to commencement.

To access this service, please contact us. 


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