Patient Areas

Urgent Care Centre

The Urgent Care Centre at our Castlemaine campus is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for treating non-life-threatening emergencies. In an emergency, the centre offers initial resuscitation and life support to patients in a critical condition before transferring them to a larger hospital.

If your situation is life-threatening, always call Triple Zero (000).

The centre is staffed by nurses, many with specialised assessment and treatment skills who can do minor suturing and independent treatment of patients. Telehealth options are frequently used and on-call GPs may be available.

Victorian Virtual Emergency Department

When you come to the Urgent Care Centre, you may be connected to the Victorian Virtual Emergency Department (VVED). The VVED offers emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week for treating non-life-threatening emergencies. The VVED connects you with a team of emergency nurses and doctors, who are trained to assist you.

The VVED allows you to access care for non-life-threatening emergencies from anywhere in Victoria. If you are eligible, you will be connected virtually to emergency doctors and nurses who will provide medical advice, from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

You will need a device with a camera to use this service. If you have them, please ensure you have any healthcare card details (Medicare, DVA, Private Health Insurance) available to provide as part of the registration.

Visit VVED online to get started.

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Connolly Unit

The Connolly Unit at our Castlemaine campus is named in honour of Dr G. T. Connolly, who pioneered rehabilitation for older people when he was a medical officer in the 1970s.

The unit offers patients a wide range of beds and services following surgery or other serious medical events. There are also a number of Geriatric Evaluation and Management beds available for improving the functioning of older people with complex health needs.

Rooms are shared, with ensuite facilities and visiting medical officers, specialists, nurses and allied health practitioners all delivering services. Transitional Care beds are also within this unit, which can support people as they return to their homes.

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Maternity Unit

Dhelkaya Health’s Maternity Unit at our Castlemaine campus offers local pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting care for healthy women with normal pregnancies.

Shared care is also available, where you have some of your pregnancy care visits with your midwife and some with your GP. 

Learn more abour our Maternity Services.

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Operating Theatres

Dhelkaya Health’s Operating Theatres at our Castlemaine campus specialise in elective general, orthopedic, plastic and reconstructive, gynaecological ophthalmology, urology, and oral surgeries. Two operating theatres at the Castlemaine campus are equipped for minor and intermediate-level surgery. The majority of procedures are day visits or short stays. Our visiting consultant surgeons and specialist anaesthetists are highly skilled and attached to large tertiary hospitals. If you need a surgical procedure, please see your GP for a referral to see one of our visiting surgeons. All surgical lists are managed in liaison with the surgeon’s rooms.

George Ray Ward

The George Ray Ward at our Maldon Campus was built with the generous assistance of the Ray Family. The ward comprises four beds for medical, palliative care and transitional care program admissions. There are two single bedrooms sharing a bathroom and a two-bedroom room with a shared bathroom. Visiting medical officers, specialists, nurses, and allied health practitioners provide care to patients. 

Geroe Unit

The Geroe Unit at our Castlemaine campus is named after Dr George Geroe, a distinguished GP and surgeon who spent over four decades practising in Castlemaine.

The unit comprises a flexible mix of beds for medical, surgical, urgent care and maternity clients. The Geroe Unit also has several medical procedural chairs and day-stay surgical chairs. Rooms come in single and shared, all with ensuite facilities.

Visiting medical officers, specialists, nurses, midwives, and allied health practitioners provide medical, surgical, maternity and urgent care services.

Minor Injuries and Illnesses Clinic

The Minor Injuries and Illnesses Clinic at our Maldon campus treats minor injuries and assesses and cares for conditions not serious enough for an Urgent Care Centre or Emergency Department.

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