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Dhelkaya Health offers a wealth of education opportunities for staff, students and the community. We deliver education in pre-schools and primary schools and offer work experience opportunities to secondary school students. We deliver accredited First Aid Training and have annual student intakes into our nursing and midwifery programs.

Here you will find information on the following:

Dhelkaya Health's Education initiatives aim to promote health and well-being across the Mount Alexander Shire community. Programs for Kindergarten and Pre-School include our Smiles 4 Miles program, targeting oral health education and The Making Friends with Worry program, supporting primary school children in understanding and managing worry and anxiety

For workplaces, clubs, and the community, Dhelkaya Health extends support through the Achievement Program, Vic Kids Eat Well, and Healthy Choices initiatives, all aimed at fostering healthy environments through education and practical guidance. These programs are designed to promote health and well-being within different settings, aligning with recognised health promotion models and government frameworks.

Dhelkaya Health provides Year 10 and 11 secondary school students an enriching opportunity through their comprehensive Work Experience and Clinical Placements programs. Students gain firsthand exposure to various roles within the healthcare sector, from Nursing & Personal Care to Engineering & Maintenance and various allied health disciplines. Work Experience placements cover a broad spectrum of departments within the organisation.

Dhelkaya Health offers Clinical Placements for Tertiary or Recognised Training Organisations (RTO) enrolled students across medical, nursing, aged care, allied health and health information fields.
Dhelkaya Health also offers comprehensive Graduate Nurse and Graduate Midwifery Programs to assist in transitioning from student to professional practitioner. Our graduate programs include our Graduate Nurse Program and Midwifery Graduate Program. We strive to promote a supportive and educational environment, offering professional study days, clinical placements, and a dedicated team of Educators and support staff, helping graduates develop crucial clinical skills and confidence in their transition to practice.

At Dhelkaya Health's Castlemaine campus, we warmly invite students and the public to explore our historical patient records from 1856 to the present. Records up to 1922, including patient registers from Castlemaine Hospital and the Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum, are indexed and stored on CD by the Castlemaine Historical Society. Access to these records requires an application with a minimum search fee of $40. Additional costs may apply.

Dhelkaya Health offers comprehensive professional training courses in First Aid and CPR, catering to new participants and re-qualification needs. The nationally recognised courses cover essential skills and knowledge required to respond effectively to various emergencies. The offerings include a range of critical skills, from CPR procedures and the use of defibrillators to managing anaphylaxis, asthma, fractures, and shock. For detailed course information, click 'learn more' below.

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