Community Wellbeing Services

Homelessness Support

Homelessness and the risk of homelessness has a profound effect on a person’s life. It impacts on people’s mental and physical health, education, employment opportunities, connection to community, and their ability to fully participate in society.

Dhelkaya Health has a Housing Support team who work directly with homeless people living in our local shire. We connect them with support services and provide equipment such as swags and phones to help them stay safe and connected.

By donating to us, you’re helping to directly fund the purchase of this equipment to help improve people’s dignity, health and safety.

Portable backpack swag

Therapeutic playground

Content coming soon.

Rehabilitation Bikes

We are currently fundraising for a Recumbent Rehabilitation Bike ($3000) and a Highlander Step-Through Upright Bike ($4000) for our Community Wellbeing Services. 

These bikes will serve as replacements for equipment that are currently broken and need replacing.

We are fundraising for these bikes through Murray to Moyne and our 2024 Tax Appeal.

Highlander Step-Through Upright Bike

Recumbent Rehabilitation Bike

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