Healthy Lunchbox Sushi for school kids

Dhelkaya Health promotes healthier eating for primary school aged kids by supporting a healthier menu at Lunchbox Sushi; the lunch provider for many children across Mount Alexander Shire.

Lunchbox Sushi provide lunch orders for six primary schools, including Castlemaine, Castlemaine North, Chewton, St Mary’s, the Steiner School and Winters Flat. The lunch order menus at these schools now meet the ‘School Canteens and Other School Food Services Policy’.

Matt and Yumiko McGill who coordinate the school lunch orders at Lunchbox Sushi say that they provide sushi rolls to approximately 500 to 600 kids each week. The school menu is separate to the sushi shop menu, where food remains unchanged.

“We were already providing reasonably healthy food, but made a few changes to some of our options so we could meet the school food policy. Our sushi rolls are still delicious but now much healthier.”, said Matt.

“Changes include the removal of salty pickle from our ‘Mountain Vegetable Roll’, and removal of mayonnaise from almost half of our rolls. We have also added cucumber to our spicy beef rolls, and now use tuna which is not canned in oil.”

“These changes were quite a simple thing for us to do. We occasionally have parents requesting rolls without mayo for kids who don’t like it, so these modifications may make things easier for all involved.”

“Boosting healthy lunch order options can make a big difference to the health and wellbeing of students, and Lunchbox Sushi feels great about this contribution we can make.”

Dhelkaya Health can provide free support to any food businesses in Mount Alexander interested in providing healthier options. Call 54791000 and ask to speak our Health Promotion Officer.


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