Building demolition works set to begin at old hospital site

Following the November 2022 announcement of new Regional Health Infrastructure Fund (RHIF) funding for Dhelkaya Health, the demolition of the old nurses’ quarter at the old hospital site is set to begin.

Justin Sawyers, Director Infrastructure Technology and Assets said: “The old nurses’ quarters that sits on the corner of Myring and Hargraves Streets were decommissioned around 25 years ago.  Given buildings have lain empty all this time means that they have become unsafe, so this funding will see that particular building demolished”.

A competitive tender process has seen Digga Group take on the work. The work will take place at the old Mount Alexander Hospital site in Halford Street.

Mr Sawyers said: “The appointment of Digga Group is exciting because they bring their experience in building demolition to the project and will provide expertise when it comes to quality and safety procedures, and sustainability. They have a target of 95% reuse, recycle or resell of the building materials taken from sites like this.”

In late April, Digga Group will install a site office, temporary fencing and signage in preparation for the demolition works to begin, and safely remove and transport any hazardous materials from the premises.  The demolition works are due to commence on May 1st, 2023 and are expected to take up to three weeks to complete.

The adjacent building and offices on the Halford Street site, which are currently leased by Workspace, will remain intact. These buildings and offices are run as an incubator for business start-ups and are occupied by up to 80 small local businesses.

While there are no agreed plans yet for the Halford Street site’s future purpose, the demolition of the unoccupied nurses’ quarters opens up options for future use.

Sue Race, Dhelkaya Health CEO, said: “While we have lots of ideas, we don’t yet know what Halford Street will look like in the future. But we do know it will be safer and more secure for those who work and live nearby thanks to this funding”.

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