Coronavirus (COVID-19) update 1 April 2020

As of 12 noon yesterday, 31 March, Castlemaine Health made the difficult decision to put a lockdown in place across our residential aged care homes, Ellery House, Penhall, Spencely and Thompson House.

Our decision comes in response to the increasing threat that COVID-19 presents to our community and those in it who are most vulnerable.
The lockdown is essential for the protection and safety of our residents and the frontline staff who care for them.

Families of all our residents have been contacted and advised of our decision.

What does a lockdown mean?

  • Visitors cannot enter our aged care homes to visit
    residents in person
  • Residents cannot leave their residence for visits or

Lockdowns are an established protocol in aged care homes during an outbreak of communicable disease. Our staff are trained to manage these events in line with our policies and procedures.

The lockdown will remain in place until Midnight 13 April 2020. It will be reviewed prior to this date and any decision to maintain or alter the status will be communicated.

We ask for your continued support during this time and we encourage anyone who has a family member or a friend in our care to make use of alternatives like FaceTime, texts and other social communications to maintain connections.
Thank you

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