Flowserve backs M2M

With the countdown now on until the 2020 Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay in April, Castlemaine Health is delighted to announce that long time Castlemaine business Flowserve have come on board as Event Partner. The Flowserve team have been dedicated supporters of the annual fundraiser for the past 15 years, with riders and support team members taking part, but the latest move steps their commitment up a notch.

Flowserve Castlemaine general manager and Castlemaine Rouleurs M2M team member David Boak said that Flowserve CEO Scott Rowe recently introduced a new initiative ‘Flowserve Cares’ which aims to support community projects. Flowserve Castlemaine were delighted to win a Flowserve Cares grant to kick off the 2020 fundraiser and get behind the Castlemaine Health cycle teams – the Castlemaine Rouleurs and Castlemaniacs.

“The crux of our central business philosophy is ‘Flowserve creates flow control solutions to make the world a better place for everyone’.  The Murray to Moyne cycle relay is a great example of that as all the funds we raise go directly to our local hospital which in turn benefits the whole community,” Mr Boak said.

Staff member Brian Payne has been involved in the M2M as a rider and now bus driver for the past 24 years. “I was initially involved with the Maryborough Hospital team and now Castlemaine.

“We love the fact that we get feedback on how every dollar we raise is used to purchase hospital equipment to care for those right here in our home town,” Mr Payne said. This year riders will be raising funds to purchase a new CTG machine for the hospital’s Maternity Ward, which is used to monitor the foetal heart rate.

The foundry and industrial pump specialist, formerly Thompsons Castlemaine, has a proud Castlemaine history spanning 145 years. Mr Boak said the Thompson Brothers were real innovators. “They were involved in loads of engineering projects in the establishment of Castlemaine, Victoria and beyond. “They made equipment for mining such as parts for dredges, they were involved in the wartime effort, they made steamrollers and even made a model of Ford cars. “In the 1900s they decided to focus on pumps and became specialists in the industry.”

At its height Thompsons employed more than 1000 people. The company was purchased by Flowserve in 1995 and still proudly employs more than 80 people and builds pumps for water, sewerage, irrigation and farming, oil, gas, ships and industry across Victoria and beyond. “Every time you turn on the tap the water you are using is being pumped through the lines by one of our pumps,” Mr Boak said.

If you would like to donate to the Castlemaine Health M2M teams, the Castlemaniacs and the Castlemaine Rouleurs, visit their Givenow page at www.givenow.com.au/castlemainehealth2020 or call Castlemaine Health on 5471 3555.


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