Healthy Choices at Dhelkaya Health

Dhelkaya Health has removed all sugary drinks from their cafeteria, vending machines and catering, increased healthier options of drinks, and is the 38th health service in Victoria to meet the Healthy Choices directive.

The Victorian Government ‘Healthy Choices directive’, mandates all public health facilities to increase opportunity and choice for their staff and visitor to access healthy drink options.

Health services have a key leadership role in providing healthier food and drink options to support the health and wellbeing of their staff and visitors.

Dhelkaya Health now uses a traffic light rating of drinks based on their nutritional value, with a larger selection of healthy GREEN choices, less AMBER drinks, and no sugary RED drinks.

A staff survey found that the majority of Dhelkaya Health staff had positive attitudes towards the change in drinks.

“It’s easier for people to make better choices when they’re not tempted by unhealthy choices”, said one Dhelkaya Health Staff member and survey respondent.

Next in line is healthier food choices available internally for staff in the hospital’s cafeteria, catering, and vending machines. Foods will need to be ‘Healthy Choices’ compliant by September 2023.

Inspired to offer healthier choices at your workplace or retail outlet? Find out more about Healthy Choices.

The Health Promotion Officer at Dhelkaya Health can assist with Healthy Choices at all places where food and drinks are sold, including workplaces, food industry, and sports clubs. Further information is available by calling: 54791000

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