Maternity services welcomes new equipment

Thanks to the generosity of the Castlemaine District Senior Citizen’s Club, Castlemaine Health has been able to purchase a much-appreciated piece of equipment called the Bilisoft Phototherapy System.

When the Castlemaine District Senior Citizen’s Club closed in 2020, the remaining members unanimously agreed to donate the club’s remaining monies to Castlemaine Health’s Maternity Service. The significant donation of more than $10,000 has enabled a lasting legacy that’s already providing benefits for local families.

The Bilisoft Phototherapy System uses blue light phototherapy to reduce high levels of jaundice in babies. Unlike older systems for treating jaundice, the Bilisoft system allows for the baby to be held, fed, even rocked throughout the therapy session. This promoties a healing environment without interrupting the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, allowing bonding between infant and parents or caregivers during the therapy.

The Bilisoft system allows babies who require treatment for a small increase in jaundice levels to stay at Castlemaine Health with their parents or caregivers while receiving the treatment. Without the new equipment, families would need to be transferred outside of Castlemaine to another healthcare facility. Having the new equipment on site allows the Maternity Service to deliver a more consistent level of care during an important time in families’ lives.

Sue Race, Chief Executive Officer, said: “I would like to extend my deep thanks to Secretary Marilyn Bulkeley and the members of the Castlemaine District Senior Citizens Club for enabling this purchase. The new equipment has been celebrated by staff and will make a huge difference to local families who need it.”

The much-loved Castlemaine Health Maternity Service reopened in May 2021 for birthing. The service has welcomed the birth of almost 30 babies since reopening and looks forward to welcoming many more to come.


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