Mount Alexander takes the lead in health innovation

The health and wellbeing of Mount Alexander Shire residents is being boosted by the strategic partnership working to improve health outcomes delivered by locally based and integrated services.

Castlemaine Health, Castlemaine and District Community Health, Maldon Hospital and Mount Alexander Shire Council are continuing to work together to form the Strategic Health and Wellbeing Partnership.

CEOs of the four organisations, board chairs, the mayor and board members represent the partnership. As the major regional provider of health services Bendigo Health are also represented.

“The partnership’s first major project will be to oversee the Masterplanning and Feasibility Study for establishing an integrated health and wellbeing hub precinct in Castlemaine,” explains Sharon Fraser, Chair of Castlemaine Health.

The project will be planning the co-location of the community-based services of Castlemaine Health and Castlemaine District Community Health Services, and the possibility that some community and recreation services provided by Mount Alexander Shire could also be co-located at a future date.

“A precinct of this nature would be a significant regional development opportunity to provide the facilities the community desperately needs and deliver health and wellbeing outcomes that will benefit generations to come,” says Dianne Couch of Castlemaine District Community Health.

Masterplanning and the Feasibility Study are expected take about eight months to complete.

When completed the partnership will have a blueprint of the range and levels of services to be provided, where they will be located and how best the facilities can be configured to promote integration and access to services.

Darren Fuzzard, CEO of Mount Alexander Shire, said “This partnership shows that we are stronger together. We’re absolutely committed to jointly leading this work to deliver the health outcomes this community deserves.”

It is acknowledged that the key to success of this project will be through ongoing engagement with the community so that the masterplanning process can decide on a preferred option.

The announcement of the Principle Architect, Services Engineer and Quantity Surveyors to undertake the project is expected within the next month. Following their engagement further information regarding how the community can be involved will be advertised.

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