New phone numbers for Castlemaine Health

Castlemaine Health will be rolling out new telephone numbers from Tuesday, 5 February. From this date, our main reception number will change to 5471 3555.

All direct numbers for individual staff and areas such as Acute, Subacute, Community Rehabilitation Centre and Aged Care, will change too.

The new number to call will be 54713 plus the last three digits of the current number. For example 54711505 becomes 54713505.  Fax numbers will also change as described to 54713, plus the last three digits of the ‘old’ fax number.

Redirects will in place to ensure that all telephone calls get through during and after the changeover. But over the next few weeks, Castlemaine Health is asking residents and businesses to update personal phone records. Many people choose to save preset numbers on home phones and mobiles, so these will need to be updated too.

Castlemaine Health’s friendly staff will be happy to give you a hand if you need a little help. If you have any questions please call us or message us via our website at

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