New ZEV fleet drops Maldon Hospital’s vehicle emissions to zero

Dhelkaya Health has taken delivery of three battery electric cars at Maldon Hospital.

Known as ZEVs, these zero emissions vehicles will be used by nurses, other staff and volunteers to visit and transport patients in the community.
The new Hyundai Kona Electric models have replaced three existing petrol and diesel cars.

The new Konas have a 480km range which will enable staff to make long trips for outpatient work or meetings without the need to charge en-route.

Dhelkaya Health is working hard to reduce our environmental footprint and the ZEV vehicles are an important part of this work. Maldon Hospital is a member of the Global Green and Healthy Hospitals network so with 100% of Maldon Hospital’s fleet now electric, they’re leading the way to more sustainable practices.

The ZEV vehicles have been subsidised by the Victorian Government, with Dhelkaya Health responsible for the monthly leasing costs. The new vehicles have dedicated charging stations which have been newly installed at Maldon Hospital.

In addition to reducing emissions to make towns, cities and regions more liveable, the ZEVs will also deliver ongoing savings due to having lower maintenance and running costs than
their petrol or diesel predecessors.

Thanks go out to everyone involved in helping to secure Dhelkaya Health’s involvement in the ZEV program, in particular Fleet Administrator Helen Gramberg, for helping to drive Maldon Hospital’s transition.

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