Out of town walk

Dhelkaya Health, in partnership with Maldon Neighbourhood Centre, coordinate a volunteer run walking group in Maldon on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The group organise one ‘out of town walk’ each month, and in May the group visited Chewton.

Walkers enjoyed the walk around Chewton; viewing and learning about its history from plaques, pamphlets and a talk by a local. Firstly, participants learned about some Chewton characters while viewing their wooden sculptures on the main street. Next was the Forrest Creek trail and the Monster Meeting Place, followed by a walk through the old Post Office Hill Reserve. Chewton’s old railway station site and the St Francis Ormond mine site were also part of the walk.

The walk finished with a visit to Chewton’s Town Hall where participants met Mrs Elaine Appleton for a delightful and interesting talk and looked at the display of photos on the history of Chewton. A few walking group participants plan to return at another date to further explore the wealth of information there.

The Maldon Walking Groups welcome new participants, who can join the groups on Mondays, Tuesday and Friday mornings. More information about these groups is available by calling the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre on 54752093.


Picture of nine people who took part in the old town walk in chewton, facing the camera

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