The end of an era

Back when the pace of life was slower, meeting and socialising over a meal with hundreds of people was considered a grand outing. It was also a regular part of life for many senior citizens in Campbells Creek.

These days, life is faster. People have many more choices for how to spend their time and membership of the once big local clubs is dwindling. After 53 years of continuous weekly meals for members, a rich historical chapter has closed for the Campbells Creek Senior Citizens Club.

A representative from the club said: “We remember with gratitude every member who worked tirelessly to allow the Club to exist for so long. There are far too many members to mention by name, however we would like to acknowledge the longest serving President, the late George Shill, and Secretary Treasurer, Beryl Paull. We’d also like to specially mention Jan Finning, who organised many special functions over the years.”

On behalf of all past members, Retired President Ian Wilson presented a cheque from the sale of the Club’s assets for $4,535.33 to Ian Fisher, CEO of Castlemaine Health. All remaining items were donated to the Campbells Creek Community Centre, Bowling Club, local schools and local charities.

Ian Fisher said: “These clubs were the backbone of the community. While the traditional formality may no longer be what people are looking for, the clubs are evolving to stay relevant and they continue to places for people to connect with others. We are incredibly grateful to the Campbells Creek Senior Citizens Club for choosing Castlemaine Health as the beneficiary of their generous donation. The funds will go directly towards maintaining and upgrading vital equipment, and helping us to continue delivering the highest standard of quality and care for our patients and the community.”

The Campbells Creek Senior Citizens Club continues on but in a fresh new way. The Club now meets on the first Thursday of the month at the 5 Flags Hotel for lunch. New members are warmly invited to join them.

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