Theatre Tour September 2016

Castlemaine Health thanks donors with theatre tour

Castlemaine Health recently extended its heartfelt thanks to a small group of donors, who have made significant financial donations to our hospital.

Adam Sevdalis, Chairman, and Ian Fisher, Chief Executive Officer, were there to welcome the group.

Ian said: “We see this as being the first of many events designed to show our gratitude for your ongoing generosity.”

The group were invited to tour the theatres to see first-hand how their donations have helped the hospital to acquire new equipment, which in turn is helping patients achieve better health outcomes, improve recovery times and enhance their experience with Castlemaine Health.

Just some of the equipment profiled during the visit included HoverMatts, a heat fridge, patient tables, sterilisation equipment, endoscopic equipment and an ultrasound machine, which has reduced the number of patients requiring general anaesthetic.

Leanne Norris, Theatre Manager, and Miriam van Egmond, Associate Nurse Unit Manager, both led separate groups through the theatres and spoke of how much theatre staff valued the new equipment.

Miriam said: “The HoverMatt is absolutely amazing. It’s very effective for transferring patients from one bed to another throughout the department, and a huge help to our nurses’ backs.”

Leanne entertained guests with some surprising figures about the cleaning required to maintain the theatre, which can see up to 30 patients per day.

She said: “The theatres are cleaned for six hours every night – there are 70 door ledges alone, all of which need daily cleaning. Our cleaners do a fantastic job.”

Both agreed that we are “very, very lucky” that our donors have helped Castlemaine Health keep up with the level of care that new technology enables.

The tour concluded with refreshments in the auditorium, and a shared appreciation of how the group’s generosity has benefited so many patients visiting the hospital.

On finishing the tour, guest Marie Twyford, said: “The tour was so interesting. I was amazed that our small community should have theatres that are so well equipped.”

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