There’s still time to donate in our 2019 Tax Appeal

One does not know when or how soon one may need the services of Castlemaine Health. It is useful to pass on this anecdote.

In late May last year, I received Castlemaine Health’s Tax Appeal letter in the mail. I thought I’d make a donation. I was thinking that I may need the hospital at some time in the future. So I delivered the donation in person to the main reception.

Two days later I was at a working bee for my local church. One of the nurses at the working bee noticed that I was struggling and that my face was grey. She immediately sent me to the Urgent Care department at Castlemaine Health, where I remained for about six hours.

I was treated very well and the staff even managed to conjure up an evening meal at 5.30 pm on that Saturday.

My message to the community is this: “If anyone is hesitant about giving, you never know if you will need it – you might need it tomorrow.”

Through Castlemaine Health’s 2018 Tax Appeal, the community raised $5,495. The funds enabled Castlemaine Health to upgrade four rooms in the Acute Ward, replacing the old curtains for new blinds. The blinds have helped patients feel more comfortable by allowing natural light in when needed, and offering the option to reduce the light when patients need rest.

If you would like to donate the Castlemaine Health’s Tax Appeal before 30 June call 5471 3555.

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