Castlemaine Health and CFA get ready for Summer

Fire Authorities have assessed the Castlemaine region as having an extreme bushfire risk in accordance with the Victorian Fire Risk Register.

Castlemaine Health is making essential preparations for the forthcoming bushfire season through vegetation clearance and an increase in staff training

Early in November, Castlemaine Health welcomed six CFA Brigades to the Cornish Street facility for a site orientation, tour, and morning tea. Visiting brigades came from Castlemaine, Chewton, Campbell’s Creek, Elphinstone, Harcourt and Maldon. Almost 40 personnel took part.

Castlemaine Health’s Emergency and Security Coordinator Barbara Lund said: “The orientation has given the CFA and Castlemaine Health insight into each other’s ways of working. In emergencies, communication with each other and familiarity with site are absolutely essential.”

On any given day, Castlemaine Health has almost 250 patients and residents on site that must be considered in the event of an emergency, and visitors and staff push that number up even higher. In the event of an emergency, Castlemaine Health’s number one priority is the safety of everyone on site.

CEO Ian Fisher said: “The CFA is staffed by volunteers whose busiest time of year has arrived. We’re extremely grateful to all the CFA personnel who took time out on their weekend to spend it with us getting prepared for the summer. It’s important work and it’s work best done together.”

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