Changes to visitor restrictions in aged care

Given the emerging status of active COVID-19 cases in the Victorian community, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has updated its advice for all residential aged care facilities within Victoria.

The advice means Castlemaine Health must reintroduce restrictions on visitors to our aged care, as well as enhance our infection control measures for staff with use of additional Personal Protective Equipment.

Effective immediately, our new visitor restrictions are:

  • maximum one visitor per day for each resident
  • maximum two hours per visit
  • no time limits for visits from essential care persons, essential behaviour assistance persons, interpreters or informal language support persons
  • visits available seven days a week from 10am to 8pm (i.e. 6pm is the last booking each day to allow a 2-hour visit to conclude at 8pm)
  • bookings for visits via ward clerks during business hours
  • no visitors who fit the criteria for self-isolation (i.e. contact with COVID-19 case, visiting from NSW or other defined hotspots or with fever or respiratory symptoms)
  • face mask, hand hygiene and social distancing enforced
  • temperature checks, health screen questions and completion of the signed attestation form on arrival; staff on the door will be screening visitors by asking specific questions based on the DHHS list of hotspots which is being updated daily
  • sign-in and out to facilitate DHHS contact tracing.

CEO Ian Fisher said, “We are very conscious of how important ongoing contact with loved ones is for many of our residents whose health deteriorates sharply in their absence. We are ensuring compassionate visits remain available via Nurse Unit Managers and continue to encourage families and residents to get in touch to discuss their circumstances. “

Visits will continue to be held in designated visiting areas and must be booked in advance during work hours via Ward Clerks. Compassionate visits can be agreed with Nurse Unit Managers.

Our visitor restrictions are available at

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