Community consultation closes this Sunday

This is the last week that the communities of Mount Alexander can provide feedback in the survey into the proposed unification of Maldon Hospital and Castlemaine Health, as it closes on Sunday 28th November at midnight.

Feedback from the community is sought via the survey shared on the websites of Castlemaine Health and Maldon Hospital, community social media pages, and is also available in hard copy. In Maldon the survey can be collected from Maldon Hospital, Maldon Pharmacy and Maldon Butchers. In Castlemaine, the survey is available from Castlemaine Health, Castlemaine Community Centre and Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Maldon Hospital Board Chair Vanessa Healy said, “We’ve had more than 100 of surveys returned so far, a terrific response. I’ve been interested to hear about some of the services Maldon residents are excited about accessing such as podiatry. We’ve also heard the message that the name at Maldon Hospital must not change, which we can again reassure the community about.

She added: “We are still seeking feedback, so if you haven’t filled in the survey, please go online and let us know what you think.”

There have also been in person engagement sessions, emails and phone calls for the public, as well as feedback sessions for staff at both health services.

Vanessa Healy said, “Feedback sessions with staff at both health services have been positive and we’ve received some great suggestions on how working together under a unified health service can improve healthcare across both Maldon and Castlemaine.”

Castlemaine Health Board Chair Peggy Ronnau said she wanted to thank the Castlemaine community for their input and urges anyone with concerns to get in touch.

“We’ve received some feedback that there are concerns about losses of specific services – this is not going to happen, and we urge anyone with concerns to get in touch with us via the contacts on our websites.”

After the engagement closes, the health services will collate all the feedback and present it back to the community in the following weeks.

Change will only happen if the boards are in agreement, if community benefit is assured, and if the State Government accepts the boards’ recommendations.

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