Cuddle teddies keep kids company at Castlemaine Health

When it comes to knitting cuddle teddies, there are few better than Harcourt CWA’s Colleen Hall. Colleen has been a member of Harcourt CWA for many years and her knitting skills are legendary.

So when Ian Smith, Administration Officer in the Operating Suite at Castlemaine Health, needed cuddle teddies for children receiving treatment at the hospital, he knew who to call.

Ian said: “Hospital stays for children are made much less frightening when you have one of Colleen’s little cuddle teddies to keep you company.”

Colleen’s cuddle teddies are lovingly hand-knitted teddies that are made to be cuddled by a child who may be distressed or in pain. The teddies are made of clean, safe materials and stand up to their task without falling apart.

Cuddle teddies are given out to children who come into the Urgent Care Centre. They’re also given out more than 300 children who come through Castlemaine Health’s Operating Suite each year.

The staff at Castlemaine Health would like to express their deepest gratitude to Colleen Hall and the Harcourt CWA for the much-needed delivery of cuddle teddies.

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